Ingredients of Sunifiram

Some researchers say that Sunifiram has the similar chemical structure to Piracetam.

It promises to boost your brain activity thanks to ability to increase the level of glutamate.

Can it really work as the booster or thinking processes and memory pill? There are still some doubts as the biggest concern is that the product makes a lot of promises which don't have any ground. There are no research results and no official clinical tests that may prove that it is safe to be taken by people.

The only available information concerning the ingredients of Sunifiram is the notice that it has the formula similar to Piracetam. So, what does this mean? First of all, this is the racetam class of nootropics. It refers to the group of synthetic compounds. It means that Sunifiram can't be a natural product as well. It may cause the long list of side effects like weight increase, hyperkinesia, sleepiness, shakiness, headaches, and nervousness. Some people admit having the short-term effect after taking the drug, but most number of people claim to experience no results at all. There are no proof that it may has the long-term effect enhancing the thinking processes and improving the decision-making process.

Perhaps, the producer doesn't reveal the list of ingredients of Sunifarm because it is still at the stage of development.

Where To Buy Sunifiram?

Sunifiram can be purchased online at the website of its producer or at some online shops selling nootropics as it isn't available in the retail stores which is the disadvantage of the product as well. It can be found at Ebay and for the price of about $40 for 2 grams of powder and in order to get effects it is recommended to take 5-10 mg, that's why if to calculate the price it is going to be not cheap at all. You will not find it on GNC or Walmart.


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