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Generally, prostaglandins are lipid compounds that can lead to hormone-like effects in the body, depending on the receptors they bind to. PGD2 (or Prostaglandin D2) binds to receptors that cause allergic reactions and can lead to asthma. PGD2 is able to contract bronchial airways and dilate blood vessels. It helps to regulate body temperature during sleep as well as to improve sexual health in males. But this has nothing to do with the problem of hair loss. In 2012 it was found out at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine that PGD2 levels in the scalp of balding men were three times higher than those of men with normal hair growth. At the University of Athens Medical School it was also found that flavonoids called luteolin and quercetin inhibited the production of PGD2. There are other PGD2 inhibitors like a fatty acid found in castor oil (ricinoleic acid).

But the question remains: can inhibiting PGD2 help with hair loss? While the 2012 UPA study seems to open hair loss issues, more clinical trials are required to prove the safety and effectiveness of this treatment method. Ramatroban is a PGD2 inhibitor used to treat coronary artery disease, but it can also improve blood flow by widening arteries. Unfortunately, there is no clinical evidence indicating that it can regrow hair or stop hair loss. According to some data, PDG2 managed only to stop excessive hair loss, but it didn't regrow hair. It is reported that PGD2 suppression seems to be effective for people who have male or female pattern baldness. It cannot treat hair loss related to grooming habits or vitamin deficiencies. There is a lot left to learn, since there is no direct clinical evidence showing efficiency of PGD2 inhibition.

Where To Buy Regrow Hair Protocol?

The Regrow Hair Protocol costs $37. Along with your guidebook, you will also receive a calendar and schedule with the information on what and how to eat, 38 Hair Raising Recipes, 20 recipes of Hairy Smoothies that will help you block the PGD2 enzyme. All orders come with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you have any questions, email the company's customer service.


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