Ingredients of Leptin Shred

The manufacturer does not pay much attention to the ingredients in Leptin Shred; however, we found out that it contains a formula of seven ingredients, including: Fucoxanthin, African Mango Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Synephrine HCL (Bitter Green Orange), Piperine and White Willow Bark Extract. These components are said to keep your leptin levels on the necessary level as well as to keep your leptin receptors. This is expected to help your body burn fat 24 hours a day. Leptin is the element in the human body. According to WebMD, it is a protein produced by the fat cells. Then it circulates in the bloodstream and is finally directed to the brain. Leptin informs your brain that you have a lot of energy to engage in normal metabolic processes. In other words, leptin is used to determine how much fat can be stored. If leptin is present in high amounts, it may not have any impact on the brain, so your body stores fat. This process is called leptin resistance and is similar to insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes, when the pancreas produces high amounts of insulin, but the organism doesn't respond to it correctly.

There is little clinical to prove the fact that some ingredients in Leptin Shred can provide any weight loss benefits. These include African mango (irvingia gabonensis), synephrine HCL (bitter orange), olive leaf extract, white willow bark and yohimbe. Piperine is an alkaloid that can be found in black pepper. It promises to increase the bioavailability of other ingredients in the supplement; however, it does not provide any benefits. Fucoxanthin is known as an accessory pigment in the chloroplasts of brown algae. This is the only component that seems to have some clinical research behind it in terms of weight loss. But today, the medical community isn't certain about anything, including about its reliable help in losing weight. There is no product label on the official website of Leptin Shred, so no one knows for sure how much of each ingredient is contained in the supplement.

Where To Buy Leptin Shred?

You can buy the product from the official website. One bottle of the supplement is priced at $67 plus $14.97 shipping. It comes with a 60-day refund policy. In order to request one or ask your questions, contact their customer service by calling at 800-655-8576.


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