BiphedAdrene is a new fat burner that has little description on the Internet. For this reason, there is no information about its manufacturer known as Generix Laboratories LLC. The product is made in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is also unknown when the company introduced this product to the market. BiphedAdrene is available on the official website, as well as on some retail websites. The only positive aspect of the company is that it has a favorable BBB rating, but the supplement looks really dangerous! It promises to enhance your mood, increase your energy levels and to help you lose weight but it comes with a serious health warning. A great number of customers are disappointed with BiphedAdrene because it does not correspond the claims it has on the official website. They report of any unpleasant side effects. The company also manufacturers another weight loss product called Leptopril, skin cream Edebinol and a homeopathic HGC preparation for men Isodrene. The website information is very limited and sketchy. It comes in the form of explanation written by freelance health writer Tiffany Strobel. Her name can be frequently met in the supplement world.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of BiphedAdrene does not mention anything about possible side effects of the product, but it does. As it is a caffeine-based stimulant there is high risk that taking high dosage of this product may lead to elevated heart rate, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, severe headaches, sleep disturbances and irritability. Besides, many customers report having experienced gastric problems, such as having a lot of gas. Some users have complained that they felt very hungry after taking the supplement, while others have said that it has made them tired. Here are some of the users' reviews left online.

"I took BiphedAdrene as directed and I did not lose a pound, on the contrary, I gained weight. I felt hungrier than ever, so I had to cut out carbs. I even started working out three times a week and I hoped that it would work but it never did."

"I used this supplement along with my exercise program and low-calorie diet. But I saw no difference the first month I took it. In addition, Biphedadrene made me very sick. I had a terrible stomachache after I took my first pill in the morning. I don't recommend it to any of my friends."

"Biphed Adrene did not suppress my hunger. I was starving an hour after taking the pill and felt very irritated all day. I felt exhausted and suffered from headache until I ate enough to get rid of hunger."


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